Assignments and Due Dates

Blog #1 - What is Social Studies - Due Feb 4th
Social Studies Notebook Activity - Due Feb 5th

Blog # 2 -Current Event Entry One - Due Feb 12th
Time Questions and Notes - Due Feb 16th
Social and Time Quiz - Feb 17th
Big Bang / Blog #3 God Exist - March 6th
Geological Time - March 6th

Timeline Activity - March 6th
Blog # 4 Current Event #2 - March 6th
Blog #5 Pangea - March 6th
Blog #6 DHMO- March 23rd
Evolution Comic - March 24st
Time Travel Agency Project:
- written component - April 1st
- Presentations - March 30th.
Blog #7 Presentation Review - April 16th
Ancient Civ Quiz - April 22nd
Greek Activities #1-4 - April 23rd
Greek Activity # 5 - April 30th
Geography Activity #1- Due May 5th
Blog #8 - Current Event - Due May 7th
Rome Activities 1 and 2 - May 12th
Rome Activities 3 and 4 -May 14th
Geo Basics Quiz May 14th
Rome Activity 5 and 6 - May 18th
Rome Quiz May 27th

Medieval Slideshow May 28th

Culture Box June 3rd
Raiders of the Lost Culture June 4th
Museum Box Wiki Page June 16th

First Nations Question Sheet June 4th
Museum Field Trip Slide Show June 16th

European Geography SMART Notebook June 11th
European Geography Quiz (Now Part of CFD Test)
Medieval Power Points June 9th

Medieval Newscast June 15th
Medieval Quiz June 11th

Interactive Middle Age Worksheet June 11th

Wiki Wrap Up along with current events June 16th